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Welcome to Scottie's portfolio.  Provided here is a broad, cross-sectional sampling of his work and his appearances intended to show his wide spectrum of performances.  This is not an all encompassing resume.

We hope that among this list you will find one that will be similar to your event or project.  Scottie is a versatile performer capable of adapting to the circumstances and the requirements of the client.  If one similar to yours is not on this list, please call and ask for more information.

Important Terms of Use:
Scottie's portfolio was also intended to serve as references for those who wish them. We have retained some names of individuals present in letters of reference or where they may appear in photographs in order to demonstrate the creditability of this portfolio.  Presentation of their identities on this web site is not an open invitation to contact persons listed, and contact by way of this web site is strictly prohibited.  You agree to these terms of use by clicking through any link on this portfolio.  Please respect the privacy of our clients, the public officials, or the celebrities shown on this site.  We graciously thank them for the letters, photos, and opportunities.  If you have a special project that requires personal communication references, please contact us.

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